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Mybeat Interactive Technologies

A specialist software engineering & design team. 

Innovative Thinking

Flirtnet is the #1 Chat service on MTN


Mybeat is a music app funded by Mark Shuttleworth  |  Tango is positioned to be the Tinder of Africa.

About us

What we do

Mybeat is not the typical South African tech company. We are a product team that moves with the speed, tenacity and freedom of a startup while benefiting from the resources available within Mybeat. We've built some of the most innovative applications in the country from our flagship music discovery service, to one of South Africa's largest mobile chat apps.


Why Work For Us

At Mybeat we love smart ideas, creative thinking and everything engineering related. Our entrepreneurial spirit ensures that no good idea goes untested. Many of the initiatives were spawned from this spirit and have earned the company a reputation for innovation and excellence.


Our Culture

The biggest benefit of working at Mybeat is the insanely talented, passionate people you get to work with on a daily basis! We've assembled an elite commando squad of the greatest minds and biggest hearts in our industry.

Product and Demos

Flirtnet - Whitelabel mobile dating

Tango - 'Tinder' for Africa

The company's first product in 2001: 

Mybeat - Music Discovery Service



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